The Price of Beauty ADVENTURE
A guided, introduction into D&D

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Sweets & Geeks


MEDINA, OH 44256


Thursday, December 22nd.

6:00PM Start time.

Event runs until ~10:00PM


Adventurer - Intermediate

(Level 4-6)

Level Up! 

D&D Nights are always held on Thursdays at 6:00PM and may last until 10:00PM, so please plan accordingly! Unlike our previous D&D Nights,
this event will be a bit more difficult than the other campaigns we have ran thus far. This campaign session will put you and your party directly into the
world and onto an adventure like no other! There will be some help from our DM for guidance, but it's up to your party to handle difficult world
changing decisions and outcomes!

Character Creation

Players are more than welcome to create their characters at home prior to D&D on Thursdays, if you do so, please utilize the 5th Edition Players Handbook and Resources! If you are new to D&D or want to make your character with our DM we will be happy to help!
*All characters created must start at level 4 for this campaign*

Meet the Dungeon Master!


Michale has been leading adventures in D&D as a Dungeon Master for over several years now! He will be your guide to through lucious forests and temples in search of age old artifacts!

All of our D&D Events currently are capped at 16 Players. This is so that our staff can maximize your individual experience when playing in each campaign. As such, our spots may fill up quickly!   Please use the link below to pre-register for this, Thursday December 22nd - The Price of Beauty D&D Event