Learn how to play the hottest TCG of 2021!

Participate in this Free to play event where you will learn from our Digimon Masters, how to play Bandai's Digimon TCG!


This event takes place Sunday, October 24th, 2021 at 1:00PM and will continue as long as participants desire or until store close.


This event will take place in the Sweets & Geeks game room area, located at 342 East Smith Road, Medina OH 44256.


This event is Free to play in. Participants will receive 1 30-Card half deck with which to play. They will also receive a 9-Card 'Revision Pack' to add to their deck. Players will then follow along with our instructor as they go over the rules manual and teach the group how to play the game.


The learning experience will conclude with a play session in which participants will divide into pairs and play one-another.

This is a sealed format event in which participants will use the 'Half Deck' provided to them, along with a 9-card revision pack. The event will not have a tournament structure, as it is meant to simply be educational and create interest in the game.  


Each participant who fully grasps the rules of the game and who is able to pass our instructors quiz, will receive 1 booster pack or a Digimon TCG set. This pack may be current, old or promotional (depending on what is currently in stock).

Are you looking for Digimon TCG events that are more competitive? Already know how to play the game? Or perhaps you learned so much from this event that you'd like to compete in our weekly events, click the link below to sign up for a weekly event now!