We will be holding a Pre-Release Event for the Digimon TCG and their newest Struckure Decks (ST-15 & 16). You will receive one of 2 decks 1x Pre-Release Promo card and 1x Pre-Release Pack. Aditional starter decks of the new set will be available for purchase at the event.   Additionally, the winner of the event will receive an additional Promo Winner Card.


Saturday Pre-Release
October 7th @ 2pm




Sweet & Geeks, 342 East Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256

In our Game Room


Entry Fee: $20


Additionally, the winner of the event will receive a Pre-Release Prize. Winner Card Omnimon Zwart (Silver Foil) x 1


This event will follow standard Digimon TCG Rules. Players will construct decks and compete against each other.   This event will be 4 Rounds (if 8+ Participants) No Top Cut.  

This Event will feature the Digimon TCG Sealed format.

In sealed play, players each open a set number of unopened booster packs from
specified sets, and build their decks using only the cards they open.
Unlike standard play, you can ignore color when digivolving cards (only level and
digivolution cost matter) and there are special rules for deckbuilding.

You can Pre-Register for Saturday and Sunday links are found below: