Saturday May 28th 1:00PM

Sunday May 29th



Sweets & Geeks

342 East Smith Road

Medina, OH 44256

Event Structure

The event will be $25 and will give attendees all participation prizing upon signing up. Players will have 45 minutes to build their deck, using only the materials they receive for participation (6 Booster Packs). The event will be a sealed Booster Draft Format. Consisting of 3-4 rounds of swiss play.  

*There is a 8 Player Maximum at this event

Constructed Rules

Participants in this event will need to have a BCC number in order to participate. This event is required to be reported to Bandai and this number is the only way to do so. Click the link above to find your number or to register

How can I Sign up?

Participants can sign up for this event in-person, up to 10 minutes prior to the posted start time. The event will cap at a 8 Player maximum. Players may also pre-register for this event by clicking the appropriate link below.  

*If you choose to pre-register for this event, you must still check in with a staff member upon arrival to confirm your entry.

Participation and Prizing

Playing in the pre-release structured event ($25) will give each player: 6x Booster Set 8 -8 Packs,

・Booster 8 Booster Pack x6
・Pre-Release Promo Pack x2