Join us on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 as we celebrate Funko! Today we invite everyone to trade and swap funko together! Our expert staff will help advise and support the exchange of funko between collectors!



Collectors rejoice! At Sweets & Geeks Funko Day, you will be able to converse and trade with other Funko Fanatics! You may also sell your Funkos to the store to receive cash or store credit for your collection!  


If you do choose to sell some of your Funko Pop Figures to Sweets & Geeks, one of our experienced buyers would be happy to help you settle on a fair price! If you decide to sell your Funko Pop Figures to the store and would like to receive store credit instead of cash, you will receive an additional 20% in store credit!



Funko Pop Protectors are a great way to make sure that your collectible Funko Pop Figures stay in tip top shape! Plastic protectors protect your boxed figure from dust, humidity, scratches and dents. Our Funko Pop Protectors come in individual, 5 pack, 10 pack and 25 packs!