Sweets & Geeks is looking for a team member that can make our website more creative, add the perfect graphic to a social media post, and work their magic for a print ad or email. Can balance between graphic design, website product listing and social media simultaneously. Able to write and creative visually stimulating images. Keep in mind Pop Culture interests our audience. Must create the text and images accordingly. Has to be sure to scatter fun graphics, the blatant self-promotion, and everything inbetween throughout the calendar. It will take knowledge of our audience as well as recognition of our brand and stayign creative.


Simply pu, we are lookign for a Graphic Designer willign to share the load with our social media team. With the right tips and tricks, our graphic gurus can boost our social meia posts and number of website clicks!



  • Create social media posts
  • Manage email accounts
  • Create mass marketing emails
  • Create web pages
  • Create Physical Signage
  • Create Video Advertisements
  • With with dye files and mock-ups
  • Create Print Transfers in a Print Studio
  • Learn and use Sublimation Printing materials
  • Maintain weekly customer communications via social media



  • Quick Learner
  • Proficient in design creation software
  • Must be willing to learn and research
  • Must be able to show portfolio of past work if interveiwed
  • Must be organized!
  • Must understand and adpat to a changing company workflow
  • Must be comfortable workign on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Must be able to self-manage


Job Type: Full-Time (36-40 hrs/wk)


Pay: Hourly Based on Past Experience


Pay Frequency: Every Other Week


Paid Training: Yes

Benefits: Yes, Health and retirment benefits after 90 Days. Immediate Paid Time Off.


Work Remotely: No

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE, email is preffered at ( Please apply through facebook or use the link below and we will communicate will you to set up a time to meet in person or set up an interveiw if we think you might be a good fit for us.