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Candy has been produced around the world for thousands of years! Sugar juice was first extracted from sugar cane 7,000 years ago in New Guinea and parts of India. They would use this juice to sweeten beverages and food, but never to create a new, purely sugar, food. It would be another 3,000 years before the Ancient Egyptians began using honey to create candied fruits and marshmallows. Making marshmallows the worlds oldest created candy! Rice and sugar hard candies began appearing in far east Asian countries around 1,500 BC and simultaneously, across the world, the Mayans began producing drinkable cocoa and eventually chocolate!

The world we live in today is more connected and friendly than the ancient world where candy first appeared. Todays transportations and good sharing systems allow us to share all the delicacies of the world with each other! At Sweets & Geeks, we pride ourselves on our International Candy selection! We have specialty candies from Europe, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia and more!  

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