Sweets & Geeks private Game rooms are a great place for friends and families to get together and play a game. Perfect for birthday parties, D&D groups or a just group of people who want to play a game. Our private game rooms are available in 3 sizes and can can be rented out for 4 hours at a time or all day long!  

Simply call-in to reserve your room today!
(330) 662 - 4272

*Must be 18 years or older to reserve a room.



Fits 4 - 8 Players

Perfect for board games or D&D

4 Hours ------------------------------------------$40

ALL DAY ----------------------------------------$75


Fits 9 - 16 Players

Perfect for D&D, miniatures or large groups.

4 Hours ------------------------------------------$60

ALL DAY ----------------------------------------$100


Fits 17+ Players

Perfect tournament-style events and parties.

4 Hours ------------------------------------------$100

ALL DAY ----------------------------------------$250

Renting out one of our games rooms gives you access to our full Board Game Rental Library. Renters can ask an active staff member about how to obtain a game and may swap out their game for another game at any time during their room rental period, free of charge. For more information on our board game rental library, click the banner above.


All Rules listed below are required to be followed in all game rooms unless a special exception has been made for your group by our staff.

If you have an questions or concerns about these rules, please call us and ask: (330) 662 - 4272


1.) The game rooms are unsupervised, a guardian (person 18+ years old must remain in the game room to supervise minors.

2.) There is to be no outside food or drink in the game room.

3.) Try to return the game room in the same condition that you found it in. Do not make a mess.

4.) Any games rented in the game room should be returned at the end of the rental period with all of the pieces and parts in accounted for.

5.) Promptly exit the game room with your party at the agreed upon time. Another group may be waiting to use the room after you.

6.) Upon arriving for your game room rental period, check in with a staff member so that they may show you to the room.