Sweets & Geeks Tournament Guidelines


General Information


At Sweets & Geeks, we wish to provide a safe and friendly space for you to play your favorite games! We hope to be able to provide a wide variety of games, hobbies and activities so that each community of players may find a new gaming home at Sweet & Geeks. All of our events will be held in our retail store at 342 East Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256. Each event will have its own set of rules, specific to the game or activity type and those rules will be enforced by us, the tournament organizers, and carried out with cooperation from you, the players. Sweets & Geeks operates in cooperation with local, state and government regulated health and safety precautions in mind. Until a time in which we are more safely able to host an event with large numbers of players, we will be capping all of our tournament-style events at a 16 players maximum. Each tournament-style event will require a monetary entry fee and have a listed start time on each event page. Most of our events allow for online pre-registration, due to our low player cap.


How to Sign Up for an event


Players can sign up for an event in one of two ways. The first is to show up to Sweets & Geeks at least 10 minutes before the posted start time and pay the entry fee at the gaming register. Make sure that you check in with an employee and they have entered your name into the tournament software. The second way to register for an event is to pre-register online. Online pre-registration is a great way to guarantee your spot in the event. Online pre-registration and day-of in person registration both cost the same amount of money. When registering online for an event, be sure to use a payment method associated with your own name. If you use another name or have paid with someone else’s card, you must see the staff member in charge of your event and make sure you correct your entry name.




At Sweets & Geeks, we recognize that the state of the world is not what it once was. COVID-19 and the pandemic has forever changed the way we view public settings. Our building, and events, are a public space. We must use caution to exercise the proper safety protocols to protect ourselves and our fellow players. If we receive word that one of our staff members, or one of our recently assisted customers has contracted an illness, we will inform those who were in close contact with said individual and let them know as well. In such a case, we may cancel in person events within a two-week window. These updates would come from our social media pages and would be reflected in the event information on our website.


There are several mandatory restrictions on safety that must be followed while participating in out events.


  • Face coverings must be worn at all times. Though the spread of the virus has slowed, and a vaccine is currently being distributed, it will still be a while before the vast majority is immune and safe from this virus. We ask, to protect yourself and others, that you respectfully wear a face mask, face shield or face covering at all times in our store.

  • Temperature Check. Before signing up for an event, a staff member will check your temperature with an infrared temperature reader. If your temperature is within the normal range of 97 – 99 F, you will be permitted entry. A body temperature outside of this range may result in you being unable to participate in the event.


  • Hand sanitizer stations can be found throughout the store. Upon check in or entry to an event, a staff member will ask that you sanitize your hands. It is good practice to do this in-between each round of play, especially if you were playing in an event in which you handled others’ belongings.


  • Sneeze Guards. Sneeze guards are placed on the tables in the tournament area and are meant to serve as an additional barrier between you and your opponent. If you and your opponent are both comfortable with the decision, you may play without the need for this guard.


At Sweets & Geeks, we take many precautions to make sure that our players are provided with a safe play area and play experience, but ultimately, we cannot control every factor. It is your decision as a player to participate in any of our events. If a player contracts an illness or virus as a result of contact with another such person at one of our events, Sweets & Geeks does not assume the responsibility or blame for that person’s illness.


By playing in our events, each player agrees to follow these safety guidelines to the best of their ability. Failure to do so will result in penalties and could result in your inability to participate in our events.




Our store is meant to be a fun and safe space for all. Much of our merchandise is geared towards a target audience of children and young adults. With that in mind, we ask that those participating in our events refrain from using any profanity or harsh language. Additionally, we ask that you follow the rules listed below.


  • No swearing, cursing or using foul language.
  • No yelling, arguing or raising your voice to inappropriate levels.
  • Avoid conversation subject material that may be offensive to others.
  • No hate speech.
  • Use of proper hygiene. You may be asked to leave for bodily oder, please shower regularly
  • No slow playing. Purposefully playing your game slowly to gain an advantage in time constraints can result in penalty.
  • No theft.  Theft from store or player is cause for immediate expulsion. We have a plethora of cameras and you will be caught.
  • No buying or selling cards, miniatures or game parts in the store from other players.


Failure to follow any of these rules will result in penalties. In some cases, you may be unable to participate in Sweets & Geeks events as a result.



Sweets & Geeks will host tournaments and events for a variety of games and activities. Knowing the rules to the game you are playing is your responsibility as a player. It is our responsibility as the tournament organizer to clarify rules when participants have questions or are unclear. Many of our events will have a ‘Judge’ or person who can settle disputes in the rules between players. The ‘Judge’ or staff member’s answer to ruling questions is final.  


Events will start promptly at the start time listed on the event page and on our website. Players who arrive past the start time may still be able to participate and to play so long as they are willing to take a first round loss.


Tournament style structure is swiss rounds unless stated otherwise in each individual games rules. This means a player who has won a previous round will play a player with the same or similar record in the next round. This will continue until the allotted number of rounds have concluded.


  • Number of Rounds is determined by the number of players participating at the start of the first round:


1-4 Players: 2 Rounds

5-8 Players: 3 Rounds

9-16 Players: 4 Rounds

17-32 Players: 5 Rounds

33-64 Players: 6 Rounds

65+ Players: Ask the Head Judge


  • Participation


Most events will have a participation prize. This can be something like a booster pack or tournament pack. See your event page for specifics. Participation packs will not be handed out until the event has concluded. You may attain your participation reward if you must leave the event early. In this case, you must let the tournament organizer or judge know that you are dropping out of the event before you leave. Failure to report you have left or are leaving the event will forfeit your participation prize and/ or all prizing you would have been eligible for the duration of that event.



  • Results & Prizing


When the event has concluded, our tournament software will determine the final placement of participants. Players with the same or similar records will be placed in order based on their strength of record to break the tie. When the event has concluded, appropriate prizing will be distributed to players who did well enough to receive it. Prizing will be listed for each event on the corresponding event page, or will be made clear by the tournament organizer before the start of the event.




There is no excuse for cheating or breaking any rules listed in this document.


  • If you are caught breaking any of the above-mentioned rules, you will be issued a warning.
  • A second offense at the same event will result in forfeiting your participation prize.
  • A third offense in the same event will result in you being removed from the event and asked to leave the store.



In certain circumstances where the offense is major, steps may be skipped in this penalty process.




By participating in a Sweets & Geeks event, you are agreeing to follow the rules and requirements listed above, and you respect the decisions made by the tournament organizer and/ or judge.